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Lesson 3 Working with the Startup dialog
Objective Use the Startup Dialog Options to customize the Layout of your Database and the Functionality available to users.

Use the Startup Dialog Options to customize the Layout of your Access Database and the Functionality

You can use the Startup dialog to make your database easier for others to use. This powerful feature allows you to customize the look of your database when users open it. By customizing how the database appears when it opens, you can prominently locate the tools and functionality users will need. Novice users will thank you when they do not have to hunt for the tools they need.
The Startup dialog can be opened by choosing Startup from the Tools menu. The following MouseOver will illustrate what you can do through the Startup Dialog.

Microsoft Access Startup Dialog
As you can see, there are a lot of options that Access gives you regarding your database application. How you use them can make a big difference in how professional your database is going to be to use.
To test your understanding of the Startup dialog and its purpose, check out the following simulation.
Changing Application Title
In the next lesson we will identify seven add-in utilities that increase the functionality of Access.