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Lesson 12
Refining queries Conclusion
As with the other objects that you will use in Access, queries are a very important part of making your life easier.
They allow you to view your data in just about any order you need. They also help you to perform bulk operations on records such as appending, deleting, and updating records.
This module covered how to extend your queries to the fullest. Some of the topics covered were:
  1. Use Filter by Selection and Filter by Form while in a query’s datasheet
  2. Use a parameter with your query to specify criteria dynamically
  3. Use multiple criteria in a query using the AND and OR operators
  4. Set properties for fields in queries
  5. Identify fields you can index to improve query performance
  6. Identify the three different types of joins available and how they can be used
  7. Discuss the different types of queries and where you would use them
  8. Create action queries to perform bulk operations
  9. Work with a Totals query to present group totals
  10. Explain what Crosstab queries are and how to create them.

UsingTotal CrosstabQueries - Quiz

Click the Quiz link below to answer a few questions about the Totals and Crosstab queries.
UsingTotal CrosstabQueries - Quiz