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Displaying additional information
To display additional information by using a Combo Box or List Box control, set the properties of the control this way:
  1. Include the fields to be displayed in the Row Source property.
  2. Set the Column Count property to reflect the total number of columns you want to include.
  3. Set the Column Widths property to 0 to hide the extra columns.

You can then create calculated fields and set the Control Source property of them to the column of the Combo Box or List Box control you desire to display. The form below displays the phone number of the client beside the combo box when a client is chosen.
Form image

Here are the settings for the combo box:
Property Setting
Row Source Select ClientNo, Company, Phone from Clients
Column Count 3
Column Widths 0”;1”;0”

The calculated field next to the combo box, called txtPhone, has its Control Source property set to
  1. cboClient is the name of the Combo Box control.
  2. Column(2) is the third column over (starting from 0).