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Getting in and out of an Access database

Other ways to open Access

As I said, Windows applications often give you more than one way to complete a task.
Opening a database is no exception. These are some other ways to open a database:
  1. Once you start the Access application you can open a database by choosing it from the Open dialog box. Display the Open dialog box by using the File>>Open option on the menu or by clicking the Open button on the toolbar.
  2. If you have opened the database recently, you can select the database name from the list at the bottom of the File menu.
  3. If you open an Access database when Access is not open, Windows will automatically open Access in order to open the database. You can do this by choosing an Access database from the Documents menu (if you have saved a database recently, it should appear in the Documents menu), or by opening the database file in My Computer or Windows Explorer.